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Trainer card

Trainer Information
Trainer Name | Juni Swan
Age | 28
Sex | Female
Region | Kanto

Badges Earned


Name | Hera
Species | Charmander
Level | 5
Sex | Female
Attacks | Scratch | Growl

Box 1

OOC- Mergers

...Yeah, because mun needs to keep track of things.

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Feel free to poke me here if a merger should be happening between your character and mine! Because mergers are nice things that make Juni hyperventilate ^^

[Plane relationships]

[Please tell me if I forgot anybody, my brain is prone to failing on a large scale often]

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OOC: Verses

Right! Verses post! Because I'm weird like that ^^


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Will probably be added to often, and will be taking more suggestions for more wacky AU verses! (with perhaps your characters included in them, I'm fine with that! ^^)

Random Juni notes

-Juni's read Macbeth and emphasises with Lady Macbeth very strongly.
--NOTE: I really need to write a Macbeth inspired Juni-centric fic some day, it'd involve Beranabus as the king, Loss as Macbeth, Kernel as the son, Grubbs as Macduff and Juni as Lady Macbeth... Ahem.

-Juni's snogged Loss once or twice, either as a result of alcohol or something that required kissing, both experiences she never wants to think of ever again.

-She's slept with Beranabus and a few (possibly two?) random disciples, Plus many many rnaodm people after demon attacks.
--...All were over ten years ago, poor girl.

-She always gets a bit of hot chocolate on her nose whenever she drinks it; always.


4. "The idea of waiting for something makes it more exciting."
Andy Warhol

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26.9.6- Walking at night

She always ends up walking alone in the end- she sees it in her mind; some facts can be changed perhaps just a little- some facts can be shifted into something better… But some things are definite; certain and cold in the hard eyes of the universe- some things cannot be changed; call it destiny or whatever- facts are still facts.

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Comment here and ask me any question you want, I promise to answer truthfully no matter what it is. But only one!

And then you have to post the same offer to your own journal.


7. "The body never lies."
Martha Graham

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Mystery [Juni], watching you [Juni], stalking [Juni], cautious [Juni]
Juni Swan/Nadia Moore

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