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swanseer's Journal

Juni Swan/Nadia Moore
Her name's Juni, or Nadia or any combination of other names she chooses.

She can be anything: a loyal servant to a demon lord, a unwilling assistant, a fondly remembered big sister or even a uncertain wife.

Whatever she is, usually she's dangerous.


Name: Juni Swan
Canon: Demonata
Posessions: A messenger bag containing: A mobile, a tube of red lipstick, a mirror, a purse containing roughly five pounds, a concealed knife and a passport.

Also on her: Her clothes and another knife concealed in her coat pocket.

[OOC: I do not own Juni Swan or any of the actresses who portray her, that honour falls to Darren Shan and the actresses themselves respectivly,

Juni/Nadia is from the Demonata saga by Darren Shan, I claim no ownership and am just a fan (Mun is doreyg)

Teen Nadia [canon]: Brittney Murphy
Juni [canon/Reality shifted]: Jamie King
Older Nadia [AU]: Miranda Otto
Child Nadia [pseudo canon]: Conchita Campbell
Zombie Juni [Canon]: Various zombies.

Feel free to request RP scenarios or prompts! (AKA please do, I like meeting people ^^)]